The Ultimate Checklist for the Perfect Gym Bag for Men


A lot of men make use of gym facilities and are pretty good at keeping up with a routine. For some it may mean a trip to this type of facility once or twice a week and for other it’s a daily commitment. There are many other guys who are involved in all types of sports. All of these activities create a need to carry some items with them. Gym bags for men is the most obvious choice, but this now also means looking for the best gym bag for the guy that is going to be using it.

Update: This article covers all the the “must haves” of a decent sports bag. We also published a follow-up article covering the different style options and highlighting the best gym bags in each category.

What to look at when buying a gym bag for men?

Finding the ideal gym bag for you can be a complex task. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when buying your sports bag and you risk missing important points if you are not an expert in the domain. To make this process more easy for you, we came up with the following checklist. Take this list and validate each point against the bag you like and we are sure you will find the gym bag which perfectly fits your needs.

  1. Size
  2. Various size compartments
  3. Separated Shoe Compartment
  4. Ventilated area
  5. Water resistant
  6. Good closing components
  7. Durability
  8. Quality
  9. Comfort
  10. Style

The must haves in a decent gym bag for men

One size fits all?

gym bags for men - dalixThis will be one of the first deciding factors when choosing the best gym bag. Before this can be determined however, it has to be decided what would the average male want to carry with him? Most probably the list would be Deodorant, Shower soap & shampoo, Towels, Slip on shoes, Water bottle, Workout attire.

These would be the basics as each individual will certainly have other personal items that they just don’t like to leave home without.

Gym bags for mens needs when it comes to size, is going to depend on other factors besides what they want to carry in it. The best choice will also focus around their personal preference when it comes to style.

Various size compartments come in handy

Most men like to keep their gym bags organized. With the various basic items that we listed this creates a need for various sized compartments. Not only is the size of these important but where they are located is too. There should be some available on the exterior as well as inside. In case you are in need for a gym bag with laptop compartment, have a look at the gym backpacks for men in our follow-up article.

Go for a gym bag with shoe compartment

It’s likely OK to assume that for most sport activities involve some kind of sport shoes. And it’s just a fact that sport shoes might get dirty or develop some kind of unpleasant odor over time. It’s nothing to freak out about but in both cases, keeping your shoes separated from the rest of your sport equipment is a good idea. Next to giving every piece of your equipment its distinct place, hygienic reasons come into play here as well. Or can you imagine putting your towel next to your shoes without a separation?

All that being said, a gym bag with shoe compartment is something you really should consider. Without features like a shoe compartment, your sports bag has no real advantage over a classic leather messenger bag for men.

Get a gym bag with ventilated area

No matter what type of gym or sport activity a guy participates in there is going to be a certain amount of sweat created. The clothing attire worn during this is going to accumulate it. These clothes end up in the gym bag at the end of a session, and may end up staying there until the next time they are needed. Having a ventilated area in the gym bag will go a long way in keeping the not so pleasant odors down that can easily accumulate.

Water resistant sports bag for men

More often than not the gym bag is taken into the shower area and placed on the floor outside of the shower for easy access. The floor may be damp, and having a water resistant gym bag will mean that it won’t likely be affected by this.

Good closing components are essential

Gym bags for mens needs have to meet the criteria for being easy to get into, but at the same time close securely to protect their items. Gym bags come with a variety of different type closures ranging from zippers to Velcro to snaps. It will come down to the best choice being what the man who is using it prefers.

Durability is a must

Once a man gets the gym bag that fits all of his personal preference he will no doubt put it to constant use, and wants it to last for a very long time. Choosing one that is made of durable material is going to allow for this.

Go for high quality sports bags

gym bags for men - herschelQuality not only includes the durability and longevity but has to look like it is well made. Men that are going to the gym care about their personal appearance, and this usually includes what they wear and carry. A quality gym bag is highly recognizable.


Comfort relates closely to style in respect to what is the most convenient and comfortable way of carrying it. It also relates to size in regards to how the items it is going to contain can be easily distributed to balance it for carrying.
Easy storage capabilities:
Storage capabilities also relates to where the gym bag will be stored while at the gym or other sporting activity. There may be lockers available and the bag has to be flexible enough that it will fit in this type of storage unit.

And last but not least: Style

There are so many styles and brands of gym bags on the market that choosing the best will come down to first how many of the must have for gym bags does it possess, then personal preference. The style often dictates as to how the bag is best carried. Some styles are meant to be hand carried, while others are comprised of a backpack style. Below we assembled a selection of the best style options.

gym bags for men

Got it! So what’s on the market?

Now that you know what to look at when buying a sports bag for men, it’s finally time to check what is available on the market. We identified four different styles of gym bags for men which we cover in depth in a separated follow up article:

>> Editor’s Pick: Four Style Options For Gym Bags <<

We hope you enjoyed this check list and would love to hear your thoughts! Is there anything we didn’t cover in the list? How was you experience so far when it comes to gym bags for men? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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