How to Wear Men’s Shorts – Dos & Don’ts

right length for men's shorts
What is the ideal length for men's shorts?

Dressing for winter is a no-brainer, just slip on any old pair of jeans with a jacket for a stylish look. When it comes to the scorching heat, dressing in both style and comfort might just be hard to pull off. Menswear fashion typically requires more direction from season to season. With the sunny forecast, keep your men’s fashion shorts and shirts relaxed and slightly oversized for a polished look.

A staple piece for any summer look-book calls for shorts. With pretty much every designer pairing shorts with practically every outfit, it’s a fool-proof look to stay fabulous all summer long. We’ve selected a few different style ideas on what to wear with shorts men. These dos and don’ts for the summer season will help you easily navigate your wardrobe.

Do: The Right Length for Men’s Shorts

The real style-killer when it comes to shorts is always the length. The best tip is to stick to a length that you know will flatter your body type. It takes a really good pair of legs to pull off shorts that are a few inches above the knee. The perfect length should finish only an inch or two above the knee, this can easily be paired with casual shirts with shorts such as polo and linen shirts. Slim cut shorts which allows a straight close fit is style that works best for casual shirts. A really comfortable pair of shorts are the Volcom Men’s Frickin Short, made with stretch twill blend fabrics with a modern slimmer fit. The stretch material will allow ease of wear all day while still keeping the length an inch above the knee.
Don’t: Underestimate The Fabric

Ideally you’ll be wearing shorts from day to night during the summer months, the most important part about your outfit should always be the fabric material. To stay cool and breezy as much as you can opt for materials such as cotton and linen-blends. Even if you choose to wear long sleeves and shorts guys, wearing a linen shorts such as the Nautica Men’s Linen Drawstring Short made with 52% linen and 48% cotton. Pair your linen shorts with a casual button up shirt for the perfect beach outfit. Don’t be afraid to add some color into the mix, from pastels to funky prints you’ll be sure to jazz up your summer wardrobe.

right length for men's shorts
What is the ideal length for men’s shorts?

Do: Versatility Over Trendy

While designers are all about making a statement with menswear shorts, it’s always good to wear whatever you feel the most comfort in. One of the most common questions men find themselves asking is can you wear long sleeves with shorts? If you’re in the middle of a heat wave, chances are you’ve rolled up your long sleeve shirt. Shirts that are loose allow enough room to breathe especially with longer sleeves. The best shirts to wear with shorts should be versatile while incorporating key summer trends such as floral prints, earth tones and block-colors such as the APTRO Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Floral Shirt. Bold prints work well with the rest of your outfit if you opt for solid color shorts.

Don’t: Pair The Wrong Shoes With Shorts

Finding the right footwear to wear with shorts can be tough. Solid shorts like the IZOD Men’s Flat Front Solid Microfiber Short in khaki, asphalt, copen blue or white can easily be paired with a variety of shoes. Not only do classic colored shorts offer a modest appeal but these will also provide a solid foundation to any footwear. Casual linen or drawstring shorts can both be worn with loafers or even Converse-style shoes. If you insist on wearing sandals, make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion such as the beach. Wearing socks with shoes is a whole other ball game, black socks are a big no-no unless you’re going for ankle style. Loafers can be worn sockless to keep your feet comfortable. A rule of thumb is to always stick with white sock, you can never go wrong!

Do: Test Your Shorts

One of the biggest mistakes men continue to make is to continuously purchase the same type of shorts regardless of the weather. Shorts come in all different fits, sizes, material and styles. Aim for a slim but not too restrictive fit such as the Dockers Men’s Perfect Short, making sure comfort is key while the temperatures rises. If you have any trouble with the fabric or the cut is tight and rough, you might need a different style or to size up. Always purchase shorts with a size up because you don’t want to be bound to the fit. Considering all of the physical activity we end up enjoying, you don’t want to miss out on any of it due to an accidental tear in your shorts.

Don’t: Forget The Short Suit

When done right, the short suit is one of the most daring summer styles out there. There are a few rules when attempting to pull off this trend that pairs a sharp blazer with your shorts. The shorts have to be in the same fit as your blazer, if you pair them separately they might not feature the same cuts and proportions. A very neutral-tone casual blazer that fits sharply can be paired with a bold color linen shorts. From bright canary yellow such as the Match Men’s Regular Fit Summer Chino Short to sea foam green, think outside of your comfort-zone since your blazer will balance the outfit. You shouldn’t match the colors of your jacket to your shorts, mixing gives a whole other personality to your look.

There you have it! These are some of the top dos and don’ts for the summer when it comes to men’s shorts. These style ideas are perfect to dress up your attire all season long!

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  1. “If you insist on wearing sandals, make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion such as the beach.”
    Aren’t sandals typically worn everywhere with shorts, even more than shoes, for some people?


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