What shoes to wear with shorts? Three style ideas to rock your shorts


It’s officially time to retire the outdated cargo shorts. There is hope for a stylish summer wardrobe without excess pockets and oversized shorts. For 2016 there has a been a complete makeover of menswear shorts. From trim shorts that can look slimming on all body types to plaid and khaki shorts for a comfort fit. This season there are a variety of shorts styles to choose from which will make pairing your footwear a little tricky. If you’ve already picked out your favorite shorts style but want to skip out on wearing sandals, we are here to help you to match what shoes to wear with shorts mens.

How To Wear Shorts With Sneakers?

Sneakers are one of the most worn types of shoes for men, it’s no wonder why men prefer comfort over style any day. They can be styled up with just about any outfit you own, not to mention the array of colors and designs. Canvas sneakers can work easily with shorts and a t-shirt, however they can be worn dressed up with a jacket or blazer. When pairing sneakers with shorts, they can look more versatile for certain occasions. For a summer vibe, go for slip-on sneakers by Vans or Puma Suede Classic Shoes for some of our top picks.

The key to wearing any sneaker with shorts is about proportions. You don’t want to wear bulky sneakers with slim fit shorts. Chino style shorts are a summer wardrobe staple that can play well with low-top sneakers, this casual style is a classic for any warm-weather situation. Our favorite pair are the Quiksilver Men’s Regent Stack Chino Shorts which can be dressed up with a blazer for a evening summer look. Who says you can’t look evening-casual with shorts?

How To Wear Loafers With Shorts

If you’re all about looking classy, loafers can be paired with formal shorts even if you’re not headed to the beach this summer. The versatility of a day to night style to the comfort of the slip-on design, this type of shoes to wear with shorts men can keep you looking presentable year around. From your lunch meeting to dressing up for a summer wedding or an evening date, the loafer is available in a variety of styles to choose from. Tailored shorts are the best pick to pair with loafers for an ideal warm-weather alternative to formal trousers. The slim fit style such as the Greg Norman Collection Flat-Front Microfiber Golf Shorts can be paired up with fancier footwear such as Lacoste Men’s Concours 18 Slip-On Loafer.
The rule to remember with tailored shorts and loafers is to add some color to your look with a contrast shirt. Pair any style polo shirt with penny loafers and tailored shorts for a fool-proof summer wardrobe. Pastel colored polo shirts can still keep you looking refined if you want to skip out on wearing a button down shirt. Not to mention that loafers will only look sharp when going sock-free. Invest in some invisible shoe liners if you’re not comfortable without socks.

How To Wear Boat Shoes With Shorts

The summer season always calls for the nautical trend, with of course an updated look. The most maritime appropriate footwear is the boat shoe. Known for its rubber sole with a lace that wraps around the side and back of the shoe, this design is the perfect addition to your wardrobe to pair with shorts. Boat shoes are the most comfortable if you want to step up from canvas sneakers. The casual style is known to be worn during leisurely activities and can add a splash of color if loafers are too formal for your personal style.

With boat shoes you can go for relaxed fitting shorts with khaki or plaid for a preppy-style ensemble. Our favorite style to pair are the Haggar Cool 18 Exploded Plaid Mens Shorts with the Tommy Bahama Men’s Rester Gore Boat Shoe, the navy leather with a cushioned foot-bed can add some color to your outfit. Boat shoes already have a distinct look, tying the lace differently can add your own unique touch to your shoes. Don’t forget to keep a jacket on hand in case the weather turns in the evening, you can’t go wrong with adding a nautical-inspired wind breaker to your outfit.

With menswear shorts available in a variety of style options, learning how to pair shoes with shorts in a trendy and distinct way is a skill worth mastering! With so many ways to pull off stylish footwear for day to night occasions, add your own casual style to the most formal looks.

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  1. Hi, when in shorts, I sometimes prefer to wear various ankle socks with loafers, they can be black, emerald, striped, basically I match them intentionally so that it doesn’t seem like I’m just clueless about fashion (though I prefer to call it style) ^_^, most of the time, though I’d follow the “rules” and wear them without socks comfortably. My loafers are low cut, so I think no show socks would end up showing accidentally, so I just wear no socks with regular hygiene and deodorant and ankle socks with various lengths, mostly aroung anklebone when I can’t, using them as stylistic elements.
    It’s not a problem, though, as in average, I rarely wear shoes with shorts and I prefer leather sandals :).
    Thanks for the advice.


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