Top Minimalist Watches for Men Which Make a Great Fashion Gift for Guys


You can never go wrong with your gift giving choices for men if you decide to go with one of the very impressive minimalist watches for men. There are lots to choose from so you want to take your time in making the right choice. You also want to set a spending range so you can narrow down your choices. Once you do this then there are some personal considerations to make regarding the men on your list who just might be receiving a minimal mens watch from you.

What you want to think about when choosing a minimalist men watch as a gift in 2015?

There are several components to a quality watch that you want to check out.

Different styles of minimalist watches for different type of guys

Alessi Men's Automatic Watch Every man has his own style and the best minimalist watch brands will offer you enough of a selection that you will be able to find one that is best suited for the man on your gift giving list.

For the ultra- modern man
For the man that is a true minimalist then the Alessi Men’s Automatic Watch may be the perfect choice. Simple, yet elegant and comes with a variety of choices when it comes to wrist size and colors. For the ultra modern guy this watch is a great choice because it has the Bauhaus look and feel.

Nicolay Remy Lombard Watch

For the sports minded guy
There are a lot of guys that are into sports but at the same time insist on looking their best. This includes the wearing of a great accessory like a sports inspired watch. To help you make your decision for this watch type you may want to take a close look at the Nicolay Remy Lombard Watch. It will most likely fit into your price range, and you will probably be impressed with your choice of colored wrist bands which enhances the sporty look.

Going analog or digital when choosing a minimalist men watch?

Braun Men’s Analog WatchYou are going to need to know a little about the guy that you are buying the watch for in regards to their taste in analog versus digital. The age factor of the man who is going to be wearing the watch may be a deciding factor here. Some of the older men prefer the analog version of a watch because they are more used to this. Younger men may like the digital version because of its modern aspects and convenience. Almost all men are most appreciative of receiving a minimal mens watch because of its simplicity yet it boasts of an impressive quality.

If you are leaning towards the analog style then a good choice may be the Braun Men’s Analog Watch. The Braun brand is a classic that is connected with designer Dieter Rams. The designs of the Braun devices served as an inspiration for the first Apple iPod.

The Minimalist Watch Men Budget

Skagen Theodor WatchWhen buying a gift for the men on your list you are probably going to have a price range that you are working within. There are many minimalist watches for men that are reasonably priced yet possess all of the qualities that one is looking for in the best minimalist watch brands.

A good example of this is the Skagen “Theodor” Watch. This particular Skagen watch boasts of the ultra thin leather wrist band, and comes under the heading of affordability.

If you are looking for a watch that is going to reach the high end of your budget but still be within a reasonable price range for what it has to offer then you should like the Junkers Bauhaus watch.
Watch - Junkers This fits all the criteria for a Bauhaus style watch for men. It is a German made watch that boasts of all the Swiss precision. It possesses the minimalism aesthetics for the man who wants impressive simplicity.

The Minimalist Watch Leather Band Choices
While you will have multiple choices of what the watch bands are comprised of, you can never go wrong with minimalist watch leather bands that are made with quality leather and impeccable workmanship. For such a watch that falls into this category you may want to purchase the Max Bill Watch from Junghans. If this watch is out of your price range, as it is more expensive than some, you may still want to consider it. It is a classic Bauhaus style watch that is impressive. It has the minimalistic display qualities that are enhanced with its rounded surface.

Are there other factors to take into account when buying a minimalist watch for men?

Max Bill Watch from JunghansThere are other factors that you would normally want to consider when buying a watch for the man on your list. If you are going to stick with the minimalistic theme then this cuts down a lot of the work for you. You don’t have to be concerned about all the add on features that comes with many other types of watch styles. Your main focus is going to be on quality, style, and affordability.

We have given you some great choices to choose from here that meet the main focuses you need to be concerned about. Your biggest challenge will probably come down to the color and style of the wrist band. You may want to consider the contrast features of the face against the band. Some men prefer a contrast between these two watch components, while others prefer them to blend nicely with each other. You may also want to give some thought as to whether the watch you are choosing is water resistant. Some of the minimalist watches for men do have this feature while others don’t.

There are some great advantages to deciding to buying minimal mens watches. With the minimalistic features you know that what you are investing in is going to be comprised of quality. You are not paying for additional features that other types of watches possess. These types of watches are simple but impressive in their functionality and meet the true requirements of what can be expected in a quality men’s watch.

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