Shaving Cream Review: Exciting New Shaving Cream made by MIT-trained Engineers at Mavericks


Razors have traditionally received a lot of interest from both major companies and also start-ups, with various razors coming out with tricked-out features and added blades. However, razors are just one part of the equation, the hardware component. To improve shaving performance, the other part of the equation is the software component, which is the shaving cream. Mavericks is an up-and- coming men’s skincare brand founded by MIT-trained engineers and developed in Silicon Valley, and they reached out to us to review their exciting new Mavericks Shaving Cream.

Impressions on the Product

Mavericks Shaving Cream comes in a slick, modern-looking black carton with a nice design and feel. The shaving cream itself is contained in a clear white tube, that is easy to grip and to dispense. It has a flip- top cap, which is also convenient. The shaving cream was surprisingly easy to use, and it saved a lot of time. There was no need to lather, and no need for a shaving brush either. I just had to wet my face first, and then apply a thin layer of the shaving cream onto my face. Then, I just started shaving with my razor, while rinsing my razor blade with water after each stroke. Simple as that. The shaving cream has a unique water-activated technology, that gets immediately activated upon contact with water.

Things We Liked About It

Mavericks Shaving Cream provided a very close and smooth shave. My razor just glided gracefully across my face, without causing any razor burns. It was impressive to receive such a high-quality shave from a simple procedure. It goes on thin (and not thick), and goes on clear so it’s easy to see and navigate my razor blade with no missed spots. No special preparation or apparatus is needed. All that is needed is the razor and this shaving cream (the hardware and the software). Also, the clean-up was easy too as it washes off my face very easily and quickly. It also has a refreshing minty smell to it, which was quite pleasant on my skin. The ingredient list was top-notch too. The ability to receive a high-quality shave while saving time is probably the best aspect of this shaving cream.

It also provided a better shave, than what you would get with traditional mass-market foam or gel that can be purchased at a local supermarket or convenience store. Just a little bit of this shaving cream was sufficient to provide a full shave. Thus, although the price of Mavericks Shaving Cream is US$ 24.95 which is a bit on the higher-end, it will provide good value over the long-run as 1 tube can last quite some time.

In Conclusion

The MIT-trained team at Mavericks has definitely nailed it with the software component of shaving. Their Mavericks Shaving Cream certainly delivered for me. It did what it claims to do, and provided an excellent shave. Even better than what I had anticipated. It is an excellent choice for those shavers, who like to quickly get their shaving completed with no hassles and no fuss. It also provides a better alternative to traditional shaving foam or gel, for shavers who are sick of it and want something better.

It can be purchased directly on their website, or on with Amazon Prime delivery available.

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