Electric Shaver vs Razor: A Complete List of Pros and Cons

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A close, clean shave is an important part of hygiene for men. In order to get the best shave, men are dependent on their shaving equipment. The evolution of shaving over the past 75 years has moved from a straight razor, to manual razors, and finally, the shaving industry has been infiltrated by the advent of technology in electric shavers. While the choice between a razor or electric shaver is strictly personal, there are some objective factors that can be used to help analyze the pros and cons of using each method. Here is a look at the pros and cons of using an electric shaver vs razor – let the shaving machine vs razor battle begin!

Manual Razors


  • Manual razors provide a much closer shave than most electric shavers.
  • Manual razors are easier to use and maintain.
  • From a cost standpoint, the initial cost of the manual shaving equipment is a bit more affordable.
  • Manual shaving equipment is easier to find than electric shavers.
  • Manual razors are more portable due to their size.


  • Manual razors require always require wet skin conditions and usually require some type of shaving cream or lotion.
  • It is easier for the skin to get nicks and cuts from manual razors.
  • The manual shaving process takes a bit longer as it may require multiple shaving strokes over several areas of the face in order to get the desired smoothness. Also, the time needed to apply shaving cream is additional.
  • Manual shaving equipment needs to be replaced more frequently resulting in higher costs over a long period of time.

As written above, the initial cost of manual shaving equipment is in general lower compared to electric razors. You can find very good manual shavers for around 40 USD, for example the Merkur 20C Long Handle Black Double Edge Safety Razor. That being said, the battle of electric shaver vs razor is not won based on the price of equipment. You can also go for the top equipment which can go up to the hundreds of dollars. One good choice for a supreme manual razor would be for example the Baxter of California Double Edge Safety Razor Set. It doesn’t get better than this!

Electric Shavers

electric shaversPros:

  • With electric shavers, the time needed to shave is less. This comes as a result of the shavers ability to quickly glide over the face and efficiently cut the hairs. Also, there is a time savings resulting from the fact no lotions or creams are required.
  • Electric shavers can be used anywhere as long as the battery is charge or an electrical outlet is available.
  • Electric shavers can be used on body hair, and as beard and mustache trimmers. These tasks are almost impossible to do with a manual razor.
  • Users are less likely to sustain nicks and cuts.


  • Electric razors do not shave very closely. Users may find themselves having to shave more often.
  • Electric shavers require constant cleaning and maintenance. If they breakdown, it is usually more cost effective to just purchase a new one.
  • While manual razors are available anywhere, electric shavers are usually found only in department stores or major shopping centers.
  • Some electric shavers put out loud, annoying sounds that can wake up other members of the household.
  • The batteries can run down and interrupt the shaving process.
  • Individuals with sensitive skin may experience “razor burn” with some electric shavers.

In case you like some trivia: The first electric razor was patented in 1928 by the American manufacturer Col. Jacob Schick. I guess it’s save to say that a lot of progress was made since then and that using an electric razors is more pleasant today than it was back in the days.

Have a look at our Best Electric Shaver Reviews to find the electric shaver which fits your needs. And in case you want to keep a certain length to your beard, don’t miss out our review on the best professional beard trimmers.

Manual Razor vs Electric Shaver: The Conclusion

It is very clear that both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The personal choice really comes down to the user’s objectives. If an individual wants a close, effective shave, manual razors represent the best choice between these tow options. For those who prefer convenience and efficiency, they will want to opt for a top end electric shaver.

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  1. Personally I’m not a fan of electric razors, I’ve never actually owned a shaver with spinning motion so that might be why I just prefer the manual razors. I used to spend all my time using the disposable gillette ones until recently I discovered the cut throat blades, doubt I’ll ever change from those.

  2. I agree 100% with your article, I use both electric and a safety razor to shave depending on my circumstances. Sometimes I cannot use my safety razor due to shave cream and water so that’s when my rotary shaver comes in handy.


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