What Is The Best Electric Skull Shaver For Your Head?

Best electric shaver for your head

There was a time when clean bald heads belonged mostly to distinguished older gentlemen. Things have changed in the past 10-15 years. Now, a clean shaven head is considered just as fashionable for younger men in their thirties and forties. As a matter of fact, skull shavers for men have only become readily available in recent times.

In the past, it took a straight or manual razor and some elbow grease to get that head clean shaven. With modern technology, the market is now full of electric head shavers that are more than capable of rendering the desired result, a clean head. With all that said, there is one electric head shaver than is considered to be the best head shaver for men available in the marketplace, the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle.

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The Skull Shaver’s Technology for Bald Heads

While the Skull Shaver may be useful for shaving facial and body hair as well, there is little doubt that this product excels when it comes to head shaving. This shaver has become the best electric razor for shaving bald head due to two unique technological features. First, the Skull Shaver was designed with five individual flex action rotary heads.

As those heads are applied to the skull’s surface, the flex action helps the shavers adjust to the contours of the skull area. This feature is critical in order to receive a close, smooth shave. The other unique feature is the horizontal handle that allows the user to hold the shaver in between the fingers while resting the weight of the unit in the palm of the hand. This feature assures maximum control while running the shaver over the bald head’s surface.

The Benefits of the Skull Shaver

the skull shaver

  • The flex rotary heads allow for a consistent, smooth shave over the entire skull surface regardless of hard to reach spots.
  • The time it takes to maintain a clean shaven skull is only minutes per day. With razors, shaving the head becomes time consuming and inconvenient.
  • The Skull Shaver is efficient enough to be used in any location, under any circumstances.
  • Each of the rotary heads can be removed individually making unit maintenance easy to perform. Replacement heads are inexpensive.
  • The Skull Shaver’s power system is strong enough to provide a good cruising speed that makes for a quick and efficient shaving process.

Negatives with the Skull Shaver

The biggest negative issue related to this particular head shaver involves time issues. The unit takes approximately fours hours to fully charge. When in use, it only has a battery life of about 30 minutes. This can become an inconvenience as the user will need to recharge after every use. If not, they run the risk of the shaver losing power in the middle of the shaving process. There really isn’t another alternative as the shaver cannot be used while plugged in with an electric cord.

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Why the Skull Shaver is the best choice for bald head shaving?

When a consumer wants to find the best clippers for shaving head, they are seeking a shaver that does two things. First, they want a shaver that provides a smooth, clean shave every time. Secondly, they want a product that is easy to use and maintain. The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle scores high marks in both of those areas. The Skull Shaver comes with a charger, carrying pouch and cleaning brush. A nose hair trimmer and hair clippers are available separately. The unit is light and easy to store.

Inventor John Lyles was selfish in his motivations to develop this product. He was tired of dealing with the cumbersome process of trying to shave his head using razors or standard electric shavers. The old saying is “necessity is the mother of invention”. In the case of the Skull Shaver, that saying is applicable. Since he invented this product, people who enjoy that bald look can now achieve that look in an effective and efficient manner.

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