Deciding on What Shoes to Wear with Chinos

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When it comes to picking the right clothes for any occasion it also means choosing the right foot wear to go with it. One piece of attire that is a favorite of a lot of guys is chinos. Instead of playing safe and just going with the white shoes for chinos, here are a few tips on how you can step it up a bit and really show just how fashion conscious and trendy you can be when it comes to choosing the best shoes to wear with chinos.

What shoes to wear with blue chinos

blue suede with blue chinosOne of the great things about chinos is they come in some many different colors. For those that favor the blues, choosing the shoes that go well with chinos of this color may be a bit of a challenge.

If you are planning on wearing navy colored chinos then the big question comes up as to what shoes to wear with navy chinos? However, the solution is a simple one as you can stay within the same color family and go with a blue suede shoe, or if its sandal season you can go with the navy chinos brown shoes combo.

Best shoes for light colored Chinos

Most men like to have a good assortment of colors when it comes to their chinos. These can vary between the light shades and the dark shades. A common color is the light stone shade. Choosing the right shoes that go with chinos that are lighter is not a problem because almost anything goes. Stone colored chinos with brown shoes create a well-blended look. Whereas going with navy shoes creates a contrast look. The same could be said about wearing black shoes with the lighter shades of chinos.

Needless to say that the classic of white sneakers with chinos works all the time. Any kind of light colored chinos will work here. Especially in summer time you’ll see a lot of guys wearing white canvas sneakers from brands like Ralph Lauren, PF Flyers and last but not least Converse.

Brown shoes with chinos

suede shoes with chinosAs you know, chinos come in many different colors – including a few variations of the color brown. Now you could stay with the standard look of wearing white shoes with the chinos, but why not make your overall look even more classier by staying in the same color family as the brown but in a different shade for the shoe wear. Brown shoes and chinos make a great combination.

While chinos can be worn all year round in any season usually the chino and shoes combination is decided according to the weather. In the summer months most men want a lighter type of footwear. In the cooler weather they want something a little warmer.

For the brown shoe wear that can be worn Chinos, suedes work perfectly for the cooler months. Sandals in a variety of browns would look impressive with the chinos for the warm weather.

The occasion also plays a part in the right choice of footwear. Chinos are not dress pants and are meant to be worn so the wearer can feel relaxed and comfortable but also know they are well dressed. If the event they are being worn to is a little more like a dressy casual affair, then just changing the shoe wear from the traditional white or the running shoes and going with a chinos brown shoes choice is all it takes to dress up the look of the chinos. Have a look at our collection of casual shoes for men to get a better idea on the different options.

Chinos and black shoes

armani chinos with black shoesThere is nothing wrong with wearing beige chinos and black shoes. Even though you are not staying in the same color family you are allowing the chinos black shoes combo to create a balanced look that is in harmony, and not having the shoe color over power the look of the chinos.

There are no hard and fast rules when deciding what shoes with chinos is going to give the best look. If you want to create a more subtle but very classy look then consider wearing chinos with black dress shoes. Overall deciding on what shoe to wear with chinos comes down to your personal taste. Just keep in mind that when determining which shoes to wear with chinos, it will dictate the style that you are looking for meaning whether you want to keep the relaxed casual look or you are opting for a more casual dressy appearance.

The photo on the right shows a pair of beige Armani AJ Slim Chinos in combination with perforated black Brogue Shoes.

Building your Chinos Shoes collection

Chances are you will want to build up a collection of shoe wear that is dedicated to wearing with your chinos. To do this you don’t need to have tons of shoes, just a few of the right color choice. Keep in mind that you will want a selection of best shoes with chino attire for the different seasons.

When you go for the browns choose light beige and a dark brown. With the blue choices, stick with the darker blues. Of course you are going to want at least one pair of white shoes, as well as a black pair.

Not only do you need to consider the colors but pay attention to the style as well. If you want to dress up your look then the best shoes with chinos to give a more formal yet still casual look will be the dress shoes. These too come in the selection of colors which includes the browns and blues.

retro runners with chinosDon’t forget about the selection of running shoes that look great for the all-round casual chino look. Again you can mix and match colors and still look like the best dressed guy at the event. A good choice for wearing chinos with trainers are retro looking runners like the ones from Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas or New Balance.

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