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Shaving Cream Review: Exciting New Shaving Cream made by MIT-trained Engineers at Mavericks


Razors have traditionally received a lot of interest from both major companies and also start-ups, with various razors coming out with tricked-out features and added blades. However, razors are just one part of the equation, the hardware component. To improve shaving performance, the other part of the equation is the software component, which is the shaving cream. Mavericks is an up-and- coming men’s skincare brand founded by MIT-trained engineers and developed in Silicon Valley, and they reached out to us to review their exciting new Mavericks Shaving Cream.

Impressions on the Product

Mavericks Shaving Cream comes in a slick, modern-looking black carton with a nice design and feel. The shaving cream itself is contained in a clear white tube, that is easy to grip and to dispense. It has a flip- top cap, which is also convenient. The shaving cream was surprisingly easy to use, and it saved a lot of time. There was no need to lather, and no need for a shaving brush either. I just had to wet my face first, and then apply a thin layer of the shaving cream onto my face. Then, I just started shaving with my razor, while rinsing my razor blade with water after each stroke. Simple as that. The shaving cream has a unique water-activated technology, that gets immediately activated upon contact with water.

Things We Liked About It

Mavericks Shaving Cream provided a very close and smooth shave. My razor just glided gracefully across my face, without causing any razor burns. It was impressive to receive such a high-quality shave from a simple procedure. It goes on thin (and not thick), and goes on clear so it’s easy to see and navigate my razor blade with no missed spots. No special preparation or apparatus is needed. All that is needed is the razor and this shaving cream (the hardware and the software). Also, the clean-up was easy too as it washes off my face very easily and quickly. It also has a refreshing minty smell to it, which was quite pleasant on my skin. The ingredient list was top-notch too. The ability to receive a high-quality shave while saving time is probably the best aspect of this shaving cream.

It also provided a better shave, than what you would get with traditional mass-market foam or gel that can be purchased at a local supermarket or convenience store. Just a little bit of this shaving cream was sufficient to provide a full shave. Thus, although the price of Mavericks Shaving Cream is US$ 24.95 which is a bit on the higher-end, it will provide good value over the long-run as 1 tube can last quite some time.

In Conclusion

The MIT-trained team at Mavericks has definitely nailed it with the software component of shaving. Their Mavericks Shaving Cream certainly delivered for me. It did what it claims to do, and provided an excellent shave. Even better than what I had anticipated. It is an excellent choice for those shavers, who like to quickly get their shaving completed with no hassles and no fuss. It also provides a better alternative to traditional shaving foam or gel, for shavers who are sick of it and want something better.

It can be purchased directly on their website, or on Amazon.com with Amazon Prime delivery available.

Find alternatives on Amazon:

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Blue Pants with Black Shoes – When it works and when not

Blue Pants Black Shoes

What colour shoes to wear with your suit is always a tricky matter. While you can always ‘do it your way’, experimenting too much can quickly backfire. This is especially true when it comes to more formal settings where an adequate look is not only a question of personal taste. Whether you need to look at your best for a business meeting or you are hitting the casino, there are certain rules you should follow.

The million dollar question this time: Do blue pants and black shoes ever work together?

If you are interested to learn more about shoe colour combinations, don’t forget to check out our article on Brown Shoes With Black Pants.

Do blue pants with black shoes ever work?

As you know, style is relative. What works for some people won’t necessarily work for you. And the devil is definitely in the detail. Change the colour of your outfit slightly and things can turn from ‘great’ to ‘no-go’ quickly.

But lets answer the question whether or not blue pants with black shoes ever work. The answer definitely needs to be ‘yes’.

But beware, this doesn’t mean that it works all the time. As a rule of thumb we suggest to go with a classic combination (navy blue suit with black shoes) or to ensure enough contrast between your pants and your shoes.

What combinations of blue pants and black shoes work?

Lets have a look at the picture below first. You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Do you see any pattern?

Blue Pants Black Shoes

All outfits in the picture above have one thing in common: They all wear blue dress pants with black shoes and a white dress shirt. This combination makes things easy. Wearing a blue dress pants with black shoes and a white shirt usually looks good. Wear the same suit with a colored shirt and you risk ruining your outfit.

Another pattern an be observed: The colours of the pants are either the classic navy blue or a very light and luminous blue.

Light blue pants with black shoes work great for festive occasions during summertime. While the default shoe color for light blue suits would probably be a light brown, black shoes certainly make you stand out more.

When it comes to wearing a navy blue business suits with black shoes, you should definitely go with a white shirt. A light blue shirt maybe, but don’t add another color to the mix. And as always, make sure your belt matches the colour of your shoes. Black in this case 😉

To sum it up: Yes, blue pants and black shoes can work great! Especially when you skip other colors and wear your suit with a white shirt.

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Top Beard Grooming Kit Under $100

Beard Grooming Kit Under $100

For ages it was all about the clean-cut face with little to no facial hair. Chances are if you stuck with a beard or moustache, keeping it looking tidy and neat was a challenge all on its own. Not to mention poorly groomed beards can be such a turn-off for women. Now with so many skincare brands for men in the market, there’s no need to worry about keeping your facial hair groomed to perfection especially when you want a clean and soft beard. From organic beard oils to trimming kits, beard grooming kit amazon under $100 is exactly what you need whether you’re looking to experiment with grooming or want to buy a special gift for your bearded guy. Enough said, here are our picks for Top Beard Grooming Kit Under $100.

To shape, trim and nourish your beard inside and out- this beard trimming kit reviews contain more than a few products made under a single brand that will help keep your facial hair groomed to perfection.

Complete Beard Care Kit

Growing a beard is easy, but keeping it soft and your skin free from dry flakes requires a bit of TLC. If you’re starting out in the beard grooming world, a good beginner friendly beard grooming kit under $100 should contain products to wash, condition and tame your facial hair. The Mountaineer Brand Beard Care is a 4-piece kit containing the Military-Style Beard Brush, WV Timber Beard Wash, WV Timber Beard Oil and Magic Beard Balm all in a handy carrying case. These 3 products aren’t just for beginners, it’s ideal for those who frequently travel making this the perfect gift for Christmas or Birthdays. Each item plays a pivotal role in your total beard maintenance routine by washing and nourishing it to a softer manageable texture.

Mountaineer Beard Grooming Kit

Trimmed and Neat Beard Kit

For a beard that needs a little extra TLC, a versatile trimmer is exactly what you need. You don’t want your facial hair to get out of control. By using a trimmer with multiple attachments, you can save hundreds by trimming your beard at home. Generally a razor gives a close shave while a trimmer allows a neater look with and even cut. A beard trimmer will not only help you avoid those nasty razor burns but requires little maintenance. The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit Trimmer contains 8 pieces for all of your grooming needs not just for your beard. The kit includes a full- size trimmer, foil shaver, nose/detail trimmer, hair clipper comb with 8 length settings and 3 beard combs all in a handy travel pouch. Achieve the style you desire with self-sharpening, surgical steel blades that stay sharp and are washable.

Skincare for your Beard

To take your beard to the next level, go for skincare products loaded with essential ingredients to hydrate and moisturize your facial hair and skin underneath. Washing while your hair is still growing will exfoliate any dead skin cells and lessen any itchiness that you may be experiencing. Regular use of beard oil will condition hairs to make them softer and shinier while giving a clean scent. To cleanse, condition and style your beard, the all in one men’s beard grooming kit like the Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit can help tame and help your beard grow evenly. The grooming kit contains All-Over Wash, Beard Lube, Beard Oil and a Handcrafted Beard Comb. The four-step routine leaves your skin and facial hair well-groomed and neat.

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Tame a Wild Beard

While regularly trimming your beard can help maintain your shape, keeping it groomed requires a bit of styling and conditioning. Using a comb or beard brush on a daily basis will train your facial hair to grow and keep its shape. While using a conditioner and shampoo will make an easier trim while keeping itchiness and dandruff away. Beard oils are formulated to create a natural shine and hydration to beards and mustaches while treating the skin underneath. The Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit contains 4 essential products to style your beard every morning including a Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil and 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush. The kit comes with everything for beginners to help maintain a smooth and soft beard for a more manageable look.

Zeus Beard Grooming Kit

For some of the best cheap beard grooming kit for under $100, these affordable and travel-friendly products will help soothe irritation caused by dryness, ingrown hairs and style your beard to perfection. For a neat and well-groomed beard and mustache for someone you love, this is a great way to introduce some new products while getting the best grooming experience.

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Romantic Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Romantic Gifts For Men

Worried about your upcoming anniversary and not sure what to get your husband or boyfriend? Chances are you’ve bought it all, from leather wallets to apparel it can be difficult to find a unique gift for your man. You might not even think about getting him something romantic and memorable, men love a special present instead of something they can go out and buy themselves. While you can go ahead and ask him what he wants or just go the easy route with a gift card, we’ve picked out a few romantic and fun ideas to surprise your man. Stylesamplemag.com know exactly what men want, so we know how to find the best romantic g gifts for men who have everything.

Romantic Getaway

There’s nothing more exciting than taking an adventure with your partner. From a scenic cruise to experiencing the finest wines at a vineyard, there are so many places to visit and explore together. No matter what location you decide, each place is just a backdrop for romance. When planning your getaway, keep a budget and travel itinerary in mind. You don’t want to plan a trip too far away from home if you’re limited with your time. The goal is to get out of your daily routine and surround yourself with new experiences. This is the perfect chance to create a healthy and lasting relationship for a romantic gifts for him.

Couples Massage

If there’s one thing that men love it’s a relaxing massage. With stress taking over our daily routine, the perfect way to improve your health and mental vitality is with massage. Not to mention the relationship benefits of a couples massage for romantic ideas for him. If you’re not sure about planning a romantic date, this is the ideal way to help couples reconnect spiritually. The experience will not only help keep your mind off of problems and issues in your life but also help couples be present in their relationship. That’s not to say that your partner won’t enjoy the pampering session. Add in a manicure and pedicure for an unbeatable romantic gifts for men.

Signature Scent

Every man has a signature scent and if they don’t it’s time for you to find one for him. We all know how enticing perfumes and colognes are for men, but gifting them is a whole other ballgame. Fragrances are very personal to everyone, some men can be very particular about the scent they use. If you’re not looking to break the bank for romantic ideas for boyfriend, Cool Water By Davidoff For Men is a classic scent with notes of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. When picking a fragrance for your partner, consider what scents he loves the most and even go for a gift scent with lotions and aftershave.

Special Dinner for 2

There’s nothing more classic than a romantic dinner for 2 at a cozy restaurant. Even though men generally don’t love food quite as much as women, a nice atmosphere with a delectable menu filled with his favorite dishes is all you need to set the mood for the night. Whether he loves a hearty steak or a savory Italian meal, go for a restaurant that caters to his taste for the perfect romantic gifts for boyfriend. Even if you’re thinking about cooking a romantic birthday ideas for husband at home, trying a new recipe or making a childhood favorite for him will surely make him feel special.

With plenty of creative and unique romantic gifts for your special partner, these are just a few to consider whether you’re looking for the ideal Christmas or birthday gift. Add your own special touch to each gift by doing something unique and exciting that he will remember for years to come.

But what can you do if your husband or boyfriend is not into romantic gifts? Luckily, we got you covered with our list of gift ideas for men.

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What shoes to wear with shorts? Three style ideas to rock your shorts


It’s officially time to retire the outdated cargo shorts. There is hope for a stylish summer wardrobe without excess pockets and oversized shorts. For 2016 there has a been a complete makeover of menswear shorts. From trim shorts that can look slimming on all body types to plaid and khaki shorts for a comfort fit. This season there are a variety of shorts styles to choose from which will make pairing your footwear a little tricky. If you’ve already picked out your favorite shorts style but want to skip out on wearing sandals, we are here to help you to match what shoes to wear with shorts mens.

How To Wear Shorts With Sneakers?

Sneakers are one of the most worn types of shoes for men, it’s no wonder why men prefer comfort over style any day. They can be styled up with just about any outfit you own, not to mention the array of colors and designs. Canvas sneakers can work easily with shorts and a t-shirt, however they can be worn dressed up with a jacket or blazer. When pairing sneakers with shorts, they can look more versatile for certain occasions. For a summer vibe, go for slip-on sneakers by Vans or Puma Suede Classic Shoes for some of our top picks.

The key to wearing any sneaker with shorts is about proportions. You don’t want to wear bulky sneakers with slim fit shorts. Chino style shorts are a summer wardrobe staple that can play well with low-top sneakers, this casual style is a classic for any warm-weather situation. Our favorite pair are the Quiksilver Men’s Regent Stack Chino Shorts which can be dressed up with a blazer for a evening summer look. Who says you can’t look evening-casual with shorts?

How To Wear Loafers With Shorts

If you’re all about looking classy, loafers can be paired with formal shorts even if you’re not headed to the beach this summer. The versatility of a day to night style to the comfort of the slip-on design, this type of shoes to wear with shorts men can keep you looking presentable year around. From your lunch meeting to dressing up for a summer wedding or an evening date, the loafer is available in a variety of styles to choose from. Tailored shorts are the best pick to pair with loafers for an ideal warm-weather alternative to formal trousers. The slim fit style such as the Greg Norman Collection Flat-Front Microfiber Golf Shorts can be paired up with fancier footwear such as Lacoste Men’s Concours 18 Slip-On Loafer.
The rule to remember with tailored shorts and loafers is to add some color to your look with a contrast shirt. Pair any style polo shirt with penny loafers and tailored shorts for a fool-proof summer wardrobe. Pastel colored polo shirts can still keep you looking refined if you want to skip out on wearing a button down shirt. Not to mention that loafers will only look sharp when going sock-free. Invest in some invisible shoe liners if you’re not comfortable without socks.

How To Wear Boat Shoes With Shorts

The summer season always calls for the nautical trend, with of course an updated look. The most maritime appropriate footwear is the boat shoe. Known for its rubber sole with a lace that wraps around the side and back of the shoe, this design is the perfect addition to your wardrobe to pair with shorts. Boat shoes are the most comfortable if you want to step up from canvas sneakers. The casual style is known to be worn during leisurely activities and can add a splash of color if loafers are too formal for your personal style.

With boat shoes you can go for relaxed fitting shorts with khaki or plaid for a preppy-style ensemble. Our favorite style to pair are the Haggar Cool 18 Exploded Plaid Mens Shorts with the Tommy Bahama Men’s Rester Gore Boat Shoe, the navy leather with a cushioned foot-bed can add some color to your outfit. Boat shoes already have a distinct look, tying the lace differently can add your own unique touch to your shoes. Don’t forget to keep a jacket on hand in case the weather turns in the evening, you can’t go wrong with adding a nautical-inspired wind breaker to your outfit.

With menswear shorts available in a variety of style options, learning how to pair shoes with shorts in a trendy and distinct way is a skill worth mastering! With so many ways to pull off stylish footwear for day to night occasions, add your own casual style to the most formal looks.

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The Hottest Summer Beach Shirts For Men In 2016

Linen Beach Shirt For Men

Keeping cool this summer shouldn’t be difficult, unless you’re not into wearing tanks or anything sleeveless for that matter. One of the best fabrics to wear during the warmer weather is linen. The natural, light and breathable fabric is comfortable enough to wear from day to night. Mens beach shirts linen can easily be worn during the daytime, to the office, at a date or even a formal evening event. Here are a few different styles of beach shirts for men to style up any occasion.

Solid Color Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are available in a wide range of solid colors to suit your own style. Some of the more popular choices are neutral earth tones and lighter hues such as white and ivory for a very appropriate summer look. A very trendy mens white linen beach shirt style is from BYLUNTA Slim Fit Men’s Linen & Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt. The solid white linen casual shirt with a V-neck collar, quarter sleeve and a single chest pocket design can easily be paired with chinos for a beach vibe or dress it up with a blazer and oxfords for an evening look.

Solid Color Linen Beach Shirt For Men

Pattern Linen Shirts

Summer is definitely the time to wear fun patterns, and you can get away with it too! Linen shirts are available in a variety of different designs and patterns to give your outfit a fun twist. With a lightweight and smooth fabric, one can easily wear a casual linen shirt with an open collar for a more casual attire. A brighter color linen shirt can be paired with light brown trousers and a pair of moccasins. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with vintage sunglasses, a watch or a leather belt!

hawaiian linen shirt for men

The perfect choice for a summer wardrobe is all about beach shirts! From formal to casual and day to night, these can easily be paired up with your favorite jeans, shorts or even chinos. Stay comfortable and on-trend under the sun with mens linen beach clothes.

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How to Wear Men’s Shorts – Dos & Don’ts

right length for men's shorts
What is the ideal length for men's shorts?

Dressing for winter is a no-brainer, just slip on any old pair of jeans with a jacket for a stylish look. When it comes to the scorching heat, dressing in both style and comfort might just be hard to pull off. Menswear fashion typically requires more direction from season to season. With the sunny forecast, keep your men’s fashion shorts and shirts relaxed and slightly oversized for a polished look.

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Best Vintage Sunglasses For Men: Our Top Picks


One of the best accessories for men isn’t a watch, suspenders or a hat… but sunglasses. Vintage sunglasses for mens should be an important part of your wardrobe, with a countless array of styles and shapes you’ll be sure to add a stylish edge to your outfit. Plenty of men in all different professions and age groups can make a style statement with unique frames and lenses. With so many style options to choose from, we’ve listed some of the top vintage summer sunglasses. Whether you’re headed out to a music festival or just want to take a stroll at the beach, these 4 sunglasses have been around for decades making them a timeless choice!

Round Vintage Sunglasses

The perfectly circular frames are one of the most trendy-meets-vintage style in sunglasses. The round sunglasses men amazon are inspired by the Victorian fashion era now with a modern edge. The vintage style is a revival of the late era that has been seen on legends such as John Lennon and Elton John. The perfect example of traditional round frames are the Persol – Typewriter Edition Po 3108s. The Italian eyewear company named this style after the classic aesthetics of typewriters, the design bears intricate details with an acetate frame that is outfitted with metal rivets to look similar to the edging on traditional typing keys. The round style of sunglasses is perfect for a day out at the beach or a picnic at the park.

vintage sunglasses typewriter

Timeless Aviator Vintage Sunglasses For Men

The most iconic sunglasses design that will never go out of style are the aviator sunglasses. Both our dads and grandfathers have once in a lifetime worn these type of sunglasses and it looks like it will always be here to stay. This style was originally created in the 1930’s to help shield US aviators vision from strong UV rays and harsh winds. This type of vintage mens sunglasses covers the entire eye socket and even the eyebrows, if your aviators don’t cover your eyebrows than they are probably small to appropriately fit your face. One of the most popular styles are the Ray-Ban – RB3362 Cockpit Sunglasses, these give the classic Aviator style a contemporary twist. This particular sunglass features green polarized lenses on a gunmetal frame. This style is the perfect hipster sunglasses for guys if you’re looking for a timeless look. Similar to the old-school style Aviator with a metal frame, these are shaped ideally to complement your facial structure.

vintage sunglasses aviator

Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a unique take on vintage sunglasses for men, natural wooden frames are made with different varieties of wood and even bamboo. This unexpected style is by far the most innovative especially if you’re considering an Eco-Friendly sustainable material option in sunglasses. One of the top benefits of wearing frames made out of wood or bamboo is that they are very lightweight. One pair of wooden sunglasses in particular are the SHADERZ – Wooden Polarized Sunglasses. These extremely stylish frames can be worn for any occasion, especially an outdoor music festival. The hand-crafted frame is made out of natural eco-friendly wood, giving each pair a unique customized finish. The clean and smooth look gives the vintage vibe a whole other meaning!

vintage sunglasses wooden

Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ever since the 50’s when the Wayfarer style sunglasses hit the mainstream, these have been the epitome of a ‘movie star’ look. The revolution of the Wayfarer design steams from Ray-Ban who originally designed this style. The unique molded plastic style was considered very different apart from the traditional metal frames. Actors in the 70’s and 80’s predominantly wore the all black sunglasses, making an appearance in hundreds of movies. The iconic style still has its place in mainstream fashion, one of the best-selling styles are the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer RB 4105 601S Matte Black. This modern version Wayfarer sunglass features crystal green lens with a plastic matte black frame. With recent runway shows, the all matte black style is a statement look for any guy who’s not so keen on standing out but still wants to look fashionable.

vintage sunglasses ray

Avoid Cheap Vintage Sunglasses For Men

As the summer season is in full swing, one simply can’t leave the house without protective eyewear. With damaging sun exposure comes the need for protection from harsh UV rays, retro sunglasses is the best way to keep your eyes safe and while keeping your summer look on trend. Most models cover your eyes entirely and quality glasses with filter out harmful UV rays.

However, please keep in mind that protection against UV rays is only guaranteed if you go for quality. That cheap $5,- sunglasses which you can buy at the beach will probably do more harm than they’ll help you protect your eyes. So please do yourself a favour and invest some in original pieces. It’s the same with all optical instruments, e.g. Binoculars for Hunting. If you go with quality and you won’t be surprised.

These are a few fantastic options if you’re keen on sporting the vintage vibe during the summer season. Keep in mind that not all vintage sunglasses for men will suit your facial features, find one that’s the perfect size to fit your haircut and attire. At the end of the day, it’s all about how confidently you can wear sunglasses!

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How To Look Great In Chinos And Sneakers

What are chinos

The average man owns a over a dozen pairs of shoes, most of which are sneakers. Nowadays sneakers aren’t just for the gym or the weekends anymore, they’ve have taken over our footwear on every occasion. No shoe is as comfortable as the classic sneaker and over the past decade menswear has become increasingly relaxed. It’s no wonder why everyone is ditching the dress shoe for comfort.

If you’re too lazy to look a little more refined than the average casual attire, consider chinos and sneakers to be your one and only fashion statement. A casual shoe that looks sharp and comfortable with a sleek pair of chinos is the perfect match for any occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas to wear chinos with sneakers, we’ve got you covered!

Switching out Jeans for Chinos

There comes a time in every season where you have to ditch thick-heavy jeans, so what other option do you have? Chinos are the perfect alternative to a refined yet casual attire. These versatile pants are available in an array of different colors from khaki, beige, navy to grey. Chinos have a way of looking dressed up or even dressed down depending on the right shirt and shoe combination.

The versatility of chinos is endless, from more formal with a blazer to casual paired with clean sneakers. While chinos are effortless to pull off in your wardrobe, shoes are one of the most important items in a look. Sneakers with chinos opens up your wardrobe to a relaxed demeanor, it’s the epitome of lounging around in style.

The Perfect Duo

Color coordinating your outfit is one thing, but matching the right sneakers to wear with chinos can be a little daunting. Sneakers come in a variety of different styles and looks, most are designed for athletes that can look a little bulky paired with slim-fit chinos. Now, we aren’t talking about technical sneakers from brands like Nike or Reebok for professional athletes, lace-up canvas sneakers with a low top such as Chuck Taylors from Converse and the Authentic sneaker from Vans are forefront to this look.

Canvas sneakers makes the perfect attire with chinos for a number of reasons. Since chinos are made from a softer material, they can make a casual outing attire effortlessly. Mid-blue chinos can replicate the look of jeans with simple canvas sneakers to match, keep in mind that bare ankles are key to a summer look.

How to Style Chinos With Sneakers

Pairing Chinos And Sneakers is not just about comfort but how to make a stylish look. Chinos are right in the middle of men’s trouser style, not too casual and not too formal. They can be switched out with your jeans or even dress pants for a versatile look. A rule of thumb for styling your wardrobe is that the shoe and chino color should blend well together. Pairing your chinos with any number of sneaker style can create the look that you’re going for, be it casual, for the office, or relaxed weekend attire.

To cuff or not to cuff, that’s the question when it comes to styling chinos sneakers. Cuffing chinos looks modern and updated, and in the practical sense to keep your pants off mud or dirt. You can also show off your socks or go sock-free with sneakers and chinos. To cuff your pants, freshly iron your pair of chinos to ensure a flat cuff which will flatter your sneakers. Make sure the length is not too high or too low and works with your leg and sneakers.

The Sneaker Dilemma

With plenty of options for chinos, wearing chinos with sneakers doesn’t mean you have to look too relaxed. There’s a sneaker for every man, no matter what his sense of style may be. Dressing with style calls for a general mixing and matching technique. If you aren’t quite sure how to stand out and feel comfortable, start by going outside your comfort zone. Matching different chino colors is a start, blending various sneaker styles and patterns can help accentuate your look.
A man that stands out with his fashion sense should successfully master matching his outfit. Canvas sneakers might not suit everyone’s style, going for something a little more sporty such as sneakers Puma or Adidas can work if you go for neutral tones such as plain white. When it comes to sneakers and chinos, keeping a sense of purpose and cohesiveness to your look is essential.

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Battle of the Brands: Andis Vs Wahl Clippers

Andi Vs. Wahl Beard Trimmer
Andi Vs. Wahl Beard Trimmer

If you’re in the market to purchase a new professional beard trimmer, finding out what works for your needs will help you select the perfect tool. While these trimmers are generally used by barbers, some might find using normal domestic trimmers to have basic functionality. If you’ve always wondered what to look from different brands, this professional beard trimmer comparison guide will help you navigate for the perfect device that’s suitable for personal use.

This is an in-depth article covering two specific brands: Andis and Wahl. Please also check our review on Best Beard Trimmers For Men According To Consumer Reports to get a broader overview.

So what should you look for in a professional tool that is suitable enough for occasional home use. If you survey different types of trimmers, you’ll find a huge array of brands and price differences. It only makes sense to purchase one that’s easy to use and gives you a impeccable trim. Not all professional trimmers are built the same, some are designed for longer run times while others offer a sharper trim.

Two of the best brands for clippers are Andis and Wahl. So what’s the difference between them? There are quite a few similarities between the brands but at the end of the day it’s about personal preference. Depending on what type of cut and trim you’re looking for, either one of these brands has you covered.

Andis Vs Wahl Beard Trimmer

Both companies offer a variety of different clippers depending on what type of cut your looking for. There are a few select models that barbers rely on for a variety of different cuts. What makes each model unique is the different types of motors, some will work faster allowing a quicker trim while others need a little more precision. Each blade will offer totally results, from a normal harsh cut to a fade for blending out edges with ease.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable brand of clippers, majority of barbers around the country generally opt for Wahl professional beard trimmers. The weight of Wahl 5-Star Senior clippers are lighter, allowing for a easier fade. Not only is it easier to hold but the ergonomic design is comfortable to handle especially if you’re planning to trim your own beard or clean up any edges. A heavier machine will make it difficult to maneuver giving you a difficult trim.

For detailed work with a lot of precision, Andis professional beard trimmer is ideal for prolong use. This particular brand of clippers outperform other trimmers due to its smooth usage without any excessive vibration or noise that you might find with Wahl trimmers. Andis brand clippers offer the sharpest blades for the closest and cleanest cut.

Best Clipper for Beginners

Wahl Chrome Pro Beard TrimmerIf you’re in the market to purchase your very own trimmer for the first time, knowing what qualities to look for will help you choose a grooming tool to last you a lifetime. Most clipper sets that are made for beginners offer a variety of attachments and tools to help you cut and trim without stepping foot outside your door.

For an affordable option if you’re just into cutting hair at home is the Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Piece Haircut Kit. This particular clipper is known for being extremely user friendly with a set of tools to help you achieve the perfect cut at home. This kit contains a variety of different accessories from multi-cut clipper, blade guard, barber comb, styling comb to scissors. The blade is known to be smooth and user-friendly for even the inexperienced barber.

Best Professional Clipper

Andis - Best professional beard trimmerProfessional clippers are manufactured differently than average consumer clippers in many ways. First off, the motor allows for a longer use time and stronger power to control cleaning up any rough edges. In comparison the battery will last longer and the high-quality design will give the perfect shave or trim each time.

If you’re looking for a reliable tool for crisp lines and smooth edges, the Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer has been a favorite for many barbers. Andis beard trimmers are known for its sharp blades and powerful yet quiet motors, these clippers are so heavy-duty that they will last you a century. The Outliner II is ideal for trimming facial hair with precision including beards, necks and around the ears without tugging on delicate areas of the skin. This can be used for head shaving and body grooming since the motor is able to handle longer usage.

In Conclusion

So which clipper is the best? Before buying any professional beard clippers, it’s important to lay down the facts before taking the plunge. With so many clippers in the market, each brand is designed for a certain consumer in mind.

For the trimmer that give you a sharp trim look at home, Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer will help clean up any edges for a professional groomed look. While this professional trimmer may not be suited for everyone, the beginner friendly Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Piece Haircut Kit contains everything you could possibly need for the average user.


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