Blue Pants with Black Shoes – When it works and when not

Blue Pants Black Shoes

What colour shoes to wear with your suit is always a tricky matter. While you can always ‘do it your way’, experimenting too much can quickly backfire. This is especially true when it comes to more formal settings where an adequate look is not only a question of personal taste. Whether you need to look at your best for a business meeting or you are hitting the casino, there are certain rules you should follow.

The million dollar question this time: Do blue pants and black shoes ever work together?

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Do blue pants with black shoes ever work?

As you know, style is relative. What works for some people won’t necessarily work for you. And the devil is definitely in the detail. Change the colour of your outfit slightly and things can turn from ‘great’ to ‘no-go’ quickly.

But lets answer the question whether or not blue pants with black shoes ever work. The answer definitely needs to be ‘yes’.

But beware, this doesn’t mean that it works all the time. As a rule of thumb we suggest to go with a classic combination (navy blue suit with black shoes) or to ensure enough contrast between your pants and your shoes.

What combinations of blue pants and black shoes work?

Lets have a look at the picture below first. You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Do you see any pattern?

Blue Pants Black Shoes

All outfits in the picture above have one thing in common: They all wear blue dress pants with black shoes and a white dress shirt. This combination makes things easy. Wearing a blue dress pants with black shoes and a white shirt usually looks good. Wear the same suit with a colored shirt and you risk ruining your outfit.

Another pattern an be observed: The colours of the pants are either the classic navy blue or a very light and luminous blue.

Light blue pants with black shoes work great for festive occasions during summertime. While the default shoe color for light blue suits would probably be a light brown, black shoes certainly make you stand out more.

When it comes to wearing a navy blue business suits with black shoes, you should definitely go with a white shirt. A light blue shirt maybe, but don’t add another color to the mix. And as always, make sure your belt matches the colour of your shoes. Black in this case 😉

To sum it up: Yes, blue pants and black shoes can work great! Especially when you skip other colors and wear your suit with a white shirt.

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