Casual Shoes for Men: Guideline for the Right Casual Occasion


It used to be that when a guy set out to buy a pair of casual shoes for men all he had to do is make sure they weren’t dressy and they were comfortable. Once he got into the shoe section that offered him this, it was just a matter of picking the ones that appealed to him the most. It isn’t quite as easy as that anymore. This is because now the casual mens shoes have become categorized.

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Best casual shoes for men needing the casual dressy look

We are in an era of clothing where just about anything goes and this is supposed to include the shoes. However, most men that have a taste for good looks cannot see themselves sporting a pair of running shoes for a dressy look.

It is quite common now when receiving an invitation for a social event for the dress to be dictated as casual dressy. For some men this comes easy, while for others they aren’t quite sure what it means. Basically it means wearing a collared shirt with a sports coat matched with a quality pair of slacks or chinos. If the weather is warm then leaving the jacket off is acceptable. Usually it is not necessary to wear a tie, but it might not hurt to bring one with you just in case the majority are wearing them. Also, if the event is being held at a restaurant a tie may be part of the dress code. Sweaters can be included as part of the casual dressy attire, but more in the cardigan or sweater vest categories.

The best shoe that you can select from for the casual dressy look will be perhaps from the casual loafer shoes line, or any of the simple leather styles. They can be close to what can be worn with the casual business attire. In case you wonder what shoes to wear with chinos, this one is definitely a great choice. When it comes to casual dress shoes to wear with jeans, leather loafers are a great choice as well.

Men casual shoes for business

The standard business men’s shirt and tie are dropped from the business world with the new trendy casual business look. Now it’s the tailored jacket, open at the neck shirt and casual slacks.

casual shoe for men - Oxfords Leather ShoesCasual shoes for men for business are similar to casual dressy but are not quite as formal looking. They should possess a good sole and can be either a lace up or slip on. They can be made of materials such as leather or comprised of swede as long as the style is in between the full casual look and the standard dress shoe. A good example would be the DADAWEN Casual Oxfords leather shoe in brown or even in punchy blue.

Casual sporty

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these have to be worn just for direct sports activity. These would work well with the type of attire that a man would wear to a sports bar or to watch a sports event. A good example of the best casual shoes for men creating a casual sporty look would be the Military Ludlow made by Vans.

Casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans

casual mens shoe with jeansThe casual sporty look covered in the previous chapter is also valid when it comes to casual shoes to wear with jeans. An all time classic which works great with jeans is the Converse Chuck  shoe in white, black or a punchy colour. It’s save to say that in general, retro looking sneakers are a good fit together with jeans if you like it sporty. Next to the Converse, a good choice would also be the New Balance or some Adidas classics like the Adidas Lifestyle Running.

If you don’t want to go for sporty shoes, a good fit with jeans are also the boat shoes described in the next chapter or the leather loafers covered in the dressy look above.

Men casual shoes for home

casual shoes - boat shoes for men
For the best casual shoes for men to be worn around the home there is a fine line between what is classed as the slipper, and what is classed as a casual shoes for men. A prime example for a good at home casual shoe would be any of those found in the boat shoes category.

What should all casual mens shoes be comprised of?

Most men look forward to wearing casual shoe wear mostly because of the comfort that this type of shoe is made for. This is one of the reasons why it is important to buy quality casual shoe wear and to ensure the proper fit. When it comes to the materials there is a wide range of selections to choose from. What is important is that the style and the material are compatible.

Styles that fit in nicely with the best casual shoes for men categories

There are many different styles that will fit into this category. One basic style that should be included is the basic black leather lace up shoes. Provided they consist of good quality leather and workmanship they have the ability to be worn with almost any type of attire. They will fit into almost any category of occasions. Other styles include loafers, boots, dressy runners and even some top quality flip-flops.

Choice of Materials for casual shoes for men

The seasons are going to partly dictate as to what materials are the best choices. For fall/winter of course the leathers are going to afford the best protection. For spring the suede is a good choice, and for the heat of the summer the best bet is the canvas casual shoe wear. As with anything goes, the soles of the men’s casual shoes can vary from leather, plastic to rubber. Although one of the highlights of the casual shoes is comfort so a lot of men prefer to go with the cushioned soles that often have the rubber soles to give greater flexibility.

Choice of colors

Color should probably be way down on the priority list when it comes to setting the criteria for what to look for in the casual shoes. Staying with the neutral colors is a safe bet. The seasons once again as well as what is trending are the two indicators as to what if fashionable and will work well. In regards to how many pairs of casual shoes for men the well-dressed man should have is a matter of opinion. For those that really want to remain in fashion then it means taking a look at the categories and determining which of those are applicable to the man’s lifestyle.


Shoe wear of any kind is vitally important to creating the overall finished look of the attire that is being worn. A man can be sporting the best there is in casual clothing, but if the casual shoes for men don’t accent it because they are the wrong choice or of poor quality they will detract from the look.

While quality is a must it doesn’t mean that a fortune has to be spent on the footwear. It does mean taking the time to shop around a bit. There are a lot of options that allow for this with the convenience of online shopping. To get a quick overlook on all options, have a look here.

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