Class Up Your Style With Suspenders And Jeans


Like all fashion trends that make a comeback, it’s time to rethink suspenders with jeans. While the Brits call them braces, this menswear accessory has evolved from being an ordinary part of an outfit to being a trend piece. Suspenders aren’t just for the businessmen and Larry King anymore. Since men no longer use suspenders in the practical sense to keep their pants up, the accessory can be incorporated into casual outfits such as jeans.

Suspenders can be worn with jeans to class up any attire, something a belt can’t do. Adding a pair of suspenders will give your outfit a more put together look, in particularly for special occasions such as a date night or a cocktail party. If you’ve been curious about dipping your toes into the trend, lose the belt and discover how to wear suspenders with jeans.

Do suspenders actually look good with jeans?

You might be wondering ‘Do suspenders look good with jeans?’, it’s important to size up your current jean styles before picking out suspenders. Consider how one typically pairs belts with jeans, not all belts flatter certain denim styles and washes. Loose and baggy jean styles are always worn without a belt, similarly suspenders might have a hard time keeping low-rise and loose jeans up because of the weight and waist size. Skinny or slim fit jeans that are sized to your waist with a high rise are easier to pair with any type of suspenders for a stylish look.

A great pick are jeans from Levi’s that offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Dark jeans such as black or navy are a classic choice with suspenders. Wearing stonewashed distressed denim with suspenders is also a popular option.

Suspenders with Stone Washed Jeans

Coordinate Suspenders and Jeans

While the belt is quite conventional to pair with jeans, suspenders open up a whole new world of style. Traditionally suspenders are worn with a formal attire matched with a suit coat to disguise them, think business and cocktail meetings. Pairing jeans and suspenders gives a modern twist that you can pull off without fail.

Let’s break it down, if you’re new to the suspender game keep it simple by going for solid colors that contrast. Pale blue jeans and a denim shirt paired with a tan suspenders will compliment your look seamlessly. Similarly, a stark white button down shirt with dark blue denim matched with black or navy suspenders will give the same contrast effect. Another option is to go for a monochromatic look, keeping it all within a single color family can achieve a classy look. A simple outfit idea is the classic white shirt, black jeans and black suspenders for a semi-formal occasion or an all denim look with thin navy suspenders to match.

Printed Suspenders With Jeans

While solid colors are easy to pull off, printed suspenders can make a statement with jeans. If you love going bold with your outfit, suspenders are the perfect addition to set the tone for your look. Printed suspenders come in a wide variety of styles and designs from the basic strips to novelty suspenders.
Consider matching a specific color from your printed suspenders to your jeans to make a well-rounded outfit. One rule to break is mix-matching different patterns with your printed suspenders from check prints, block stripes, floral to polka-dots. A nice patterned blazer with plain denim and button down shirt will make a big statement with printed suspenders.

Sizing Up Suspenders

If you aren’t sure how to wear suspenders on jeans while still feeling comfortable and confident, there are plenty of different types of suspenders to consider. The width of your suspenders should distinguish your style, skinny suspenders are on the trendier side while wider suspenders are ideal for heavier men.

First off, always wear suspenders with jeans that are a little loose on the waist so that they don’t fall off. If you’re jeans are too tight, your suspenders will eventually fall off the sides since they aren’t really holding anything up. If you’re a little on the heavy side, suspenders can be work with your look since it draws attention to the chest and shoulder whereas belts draw attention to the waist. Lastly, to properly wear suspenders make sure the metal clips on the front are parallel to one another across your chest. It shouldn’t angle too far in or out to make the proportion just right.


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