Gym Bags for Men Style Review: Four Different Style Options


Buying a gym bag can become a pretty complex endeavour. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when buying your sports bag which is why we put together the ultimate checklist for the perfect gym bag. This is a follow-up post covering the style part of the decision process. This article covers the four most common style options which will give you a great bird’s eye view on the topic. And it doesn’t stop there … Our editor also highlights the best gym bags of each category for you. Let’s start the journey, we hope you like it!

All-Time Classic Duffel Sports Bag

gym bags for men - adidas
There are not many things in the fashion world which are there to stay. The classic duffel sport bag is however one of these rare exceptions. This particular gym bag which you know from brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike is medium sized and is considered an ideal choice for the team player. It meets all of the must haves. One of its best features is keeping the ventilated area to one end, and then at the other end it has a separate zippered mini compartment which would be ideal for items that may spill like the water bottle.

gym bags for men - nikeIt is flexible, allowing for easy storage, and actually has an area available for team branding. If you go for the brands mentioned above, the quality and durability is normally guaranteed.

Another interesting thing to look out when choosing this style are bags with additional compartments. Choosing a sports bag with various compartments makes it easy and safe to carry items that may be liquid that could easily spill in the main compartment. Also, look for a gym bag with shoe compartment options which is really a great feature for keeping the shoe wear totally separate from the rest of the items. A good choice if you want multiple pockets and don’t want to spend too much monye would be the Good&god Gym Sports Bag.

Canvas Gym Bags for the Fashion-Conscious Man

gym bags for men - herschel
The canvas gym bag is pretty much a must have, not only for sports but as a universal men’s fashion accessory. The canvas/leather retro look fits perfectly those Ray-Ban sunglasses, the full beard you are growing since a couple of months and your Fixie bike. OK, enough clichés, let’s get serious again …

While indeed looking retro, the Herschel canvas sport bag (photo) is stuffed with sophisticated features like a separated shoe compartment. It’s a medium sized bag and the quality of the canvas and leather is superior which will guarantee long durability.

In case the price point of the Herschel bag is too high, there are also other low-cost options like the Dalix canvas sport bag shown in the photo on the right. Another great looking option in the mid-price range is the Genuine Traveling Sports from Gootium.

Leather Duffle Gym Bags for the Sophisticated Man

gym bags for men - mahi leatherWho said that you can not look well dressed and sophisticated when going to the gym? Right, nobody ever said that. A leather gym bag like the one from MAHI is worth every penny in case you are attending a social event either before or after the gym. It blends in nicely with the attire you are wearing during the day and when going for a drink after the gym. Another plus would be that you can use the bag as well as an overnight bag for short trips to the countryside. That’s why we say: Looks great, worth the money!

Best Gym Backpack For Men

Best Gym Bagpack NikeFor a lot of men the best gym bags for men 2015 are the mens sports backpacks like this Armour Hustle Backpack. It has pocket both inside and out. Most importantly it is a mens gym bagpack with laptop compartment which is perfect for the man who doesn’t want to be without his computer. It has a large front pocket that can be used for shoes or the gym attire that has become laden with sweat. It certainly has all the gym bags for men must haves and it’s probably one of the best gym backpacks out there.

Men’s Gym Bag with Laptop Compartment

It’s not unusual for the modern men to hit the gym right after work or during the lunch break. So what do you do if not you need to carry a laptop or paper work in your gym bag? As stated above, gym backpacks are a good choice if you need a gym bag laptop compartment. Your laptop is safely stored at the rear area of the backpack.

There is just one catch: What if a casually sport bag is a no-go because you have an important meeting with clients at the same day? In this case, think the other way and get a professionally leather bag for office use which you can also use as a sport bag. A messenger leather bag gives you a professional look and serves as the perfect leather gym bag for men.


You should now have enough information when it comes to gym bags for mens needs to help you choose the best gym bag for your personal use. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this article and let us know what you think!

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