Men’s Summer Fashion 2013: 7 Key Trends To Look Out For

mens summe fashion 2013

Summer is when it’s okay to get a bit sweaty and even dirty in the outdoors, whether on the beach or in sport, but fashion-conscious men with an eye for the ladies still like to keep looking smooth – after all, the women are often the main reason we go to the beach.

Looking to put together a sharp wardrobe this summer? Or just want to add a couple new pieces that even out your staples and bring you a bit more up-to-date? A quick look at what’s popular on the catwalks in men’s summer fashion 2013 can give us a few hints on where to start.

1. Going Bold

Everyone likes to get a little more creative and brazen with their colors and designs in the summer, but this season, we’re seeing men from the catwalks to the streets getting more adventurous than ever before. From big and bold graphics to intense colors, men are pulling out all the stops, even going as far as to inject crazy colors into tailored fashion pieces, with extremely colorful and patterned suits hitting the market.

Popular themes include lots of fluorescents and neons as well as a heavy reliance on orange, curacao blue, and a wide range of pink hues.

We’re also seeing this bright, vibrant color motif used creatively in accents on otherwise subtle clothing.

Can you pull it off? There’s no doubt that this type of statement takes a confident man who has grown into his own sense of style, but when it works, it works.

2. Fitted Shorts

In the past, shorts that were too tight or fitted were scoffed at and thought to be prissy – we’ve all made our share of jokes about men in speedos. But this year there seems to be a lot more acceptance of shorter “Euro” styles that mold closer to the body. This includes short swim shorts, stylish board shorts, swimming briefs (yes, speedos), and trunk shorts.

All of the above can be a good choice for guys who have put a lot of time into chiseling their body and want to show it off this summer.

3. Lots and Lots of Stripes

Another common heme we’re seeing this year is a heavy reliance on stripes of all types. From pinstripes to big stripes, from vertical stripes to horizontal, from rugby stripes to nautical stripes – we’re seeing it all. Go with the big thick stripes to really keep it on the cutting edge.

Stripes are represented in essentially every major brand and in many cases even going from head-to-toe.

4. Keeping it Blue

Not only are we seeing an influx of the bold curacao blue mentioned above, but indeed blues of all shades seem to be a characteristic of men’s summer fashion 2013. Experiment with different tones to see what works best for you, or switch them out depending on the mood and occasion.

5. Go On a Safari

You might just be cruising the city streets this summer, but a more earthy, rugged look can be a good way to inject some personality into your wardrobe, in the summer of 2013, especially if the bold and bright colors currently in vogue just aren’t your thing. Many major fashion houses are also embracing the more refined, subdued safari-style clothing choices, even bringing these elements into more fancy outfits.

Also popular are tribal patterns and ethnic-inspired clothing.

6. Going Rambo

Camouflage…the fashion trend that never goes away for good, camouflage goes through a dramatic cycle with no middle ground and is always either right there on the cutting edge or all-too-retro. Men’s summer fashion 2013 is showing an upswing for this age-old style choice in a diverse range of outfits, from more rugged outdoor wear to high fashion.

Expect to see camo in everything this summer season, from shoes to pants to shirts as well as accents and accessories.

7. Baseball Jackets

The coolest jacket to have at the moment is the vintage baseball jacket. Check out designs that mix it with intense, bold colors or fashionable baseball jackets with nice leather details. It’s a uniquely American fashion item that we’ll likely be seeing more of in the future. Sharp, casual, and cool.

Final Thoughts

It’s always good to remember that what guys get away with on the catwalk isn’t always relevant to the real world, especially if you’re not cruising high fashion venues where celebrities hang out. This is why a lot of guys look at men parading new trends and just raise their eyebrows and shake their heads in confusion.

The idea is not to copy these guys completely but to consider how you can work this year’s fashion statements into your own style, usually by toning it down a little and choosing some choice items that blend in.

As always, your stye is your own to craft and suit to your lifestyle.

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity / Flickr

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