How To Look Great In Chinos And Sneakers

What are chinos

The average man owns a over a dozen pairs of shoes, most of which are sneakers. Nowadays sneakers aren’t just for the gym or the weekends anymore, they’ve have taken over our footwear on every occasion. No shoe is as comfortable as the classic sneaker and over the past decade menswear has become increasingly relaxed. It’s no wonder why everyone is ditching the dress shoe for comfort.

If you’re too lazy to look a little more refined than the average casual attire, consider chinos and sneakers to be your one and only fashion statement. A casual shoe that looks sharp and comfortable with a sleek pair of chinos is the perfect match for any occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas to wear chinos with sneakers, we’ve got you covered!

Switching out Jeans for Chinos

There comes a time in every season where you have to ditch thick-heavy jeans, so what other option do you have? Chinos are the perfect alternative to a refined yet casual attire. These versatile pants are available in an array of different colors from khaki, beige, navy to grey. Chinos have a way of looking dressed up or even dressed down depending on the right shirt and shoe combination.

The versatility of chinos is endless, from more formal with a blazer to casual paired with clean sneakers. While chinos are effortless to pull off in your wardrobe, shoes are one of the most important items in a look. Sneakers with chinos opens up your wardrobe to a relaxed demeanor, it’s the epitome of lounging around in style.

The Perfect Duo

Color coordinating your outfit is one thing, but matching the right sneakers to wear with chinos can be a little daunting. Sneakers come in a variety of different styles and looks, most are designed for athletes that can look a little bulky paired with slim-fit chinos. Now, we aren’t talking about technical sneakers from brands like Nike or Reebok for professional athletes, lace-up canvas sneakers with a low top such as Chuck Taylors from Converse and the Authentic sneaker from Vans are forefront to this look.

Canvas sneakers makes the perfect attire with chinos for a number of reasons. Since chinos are made from a softer material, they can make a casual outing attire effortlessly. Mid-blue chinos can replicate the look of jeans with simple canvas sneakers to match, keep in mind that bare ankles are key to a summer look.

How to Style Chinos With Sneakers

Pairing Chinos And Sneakers is not just about comfort but how to make a stylish look. Chinos are right in the middle of men’s trouser style, not too casual and not too formal. They can be switched out with your jeans or even dress pants for a versatile look. A rule of thumb for styling your wardrobe is that the shoe and chino color should blend well together. Pairing your chinos with any number of sneaker style can create the look that you’re going for, be it casual, for the office, or relaxed weekend attire.

To cuff or not to cuff, that’s the question when it comes to styling chinos sneakers. Cuffing chinos looks modern and updated, and in the practical sense to keep your pants off mud or dirt. You can also show off your socks or go sock-free with sneakers and chinos. To cuff your pants, freshly iron your pair of chinos to ensure a flat cuff which will flatter your sneakers. Make sure the length is not too high or too low and works with your leg and sneakers.

The Sneaker Dilemma

With plenty of options for chinos, wearing chinos with sneakers doesn’t mean you have to look too relaxed. There’s a sneaker for every man, no matter what his sense of style may be. Dressing with style calls for a general mixing and matching technique. If you aren’t quite sure how to stand out and feel comfortable, start by going outside your comfort zone. Matching different chino colors is a start, blending various sneaker styles and patterns can help accentuate your look.
A man that stands out with his fashion sense should successfully master matching his outfit. Canvas sneakers might not suit everyone’s style, going for something a little more sporty such as sneakers Puma or Adidas can work if you go for neutral tones such as plain white. When it comes to sneakers and chinos, keeping a sense of purpose and cohesiveness to your look is essential.

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