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This is a guest post by Terry from Mule Ties. We met Terry a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the product selection of his shop. It was clear to us that he is the perfect guy to answer the question When to to wear a pocket square? 

There’s a time and a place for everything, but when exactly is the right time to wear just a pocket square.   Is there a special time when to wear a pocket square and a tie together?  When it comes to being fashionable it often seems like there’s some mystical book that only certain people have access “the fashion savvy”, the others are left hanging dry with no clue how to be fashionable.  If we could only get access to this book and have access to all these tips from the fashion gurus, wouldn’t that be nice.  The search is on, time to research and reveal the secret chapter of this mystical fashion book on pocket squares — when and where to wear the pocket square.

Pocket Squares: A little bit of history

The pocket square originated way back, according to legend King Richard II, the ruler of England from 1377 to 1399, it is reported he had a small piece of cloth to wipe and clean his nose which he carried in his left pocket. The rest was history; the handkerchief grew in every direction in shape and form. The people valued the cloth to clean and wipe their nose when need be and also utilize the fabric to express some contrast to their outfit.  Eventually there was a debate to the size and proportions of handkerchiefs, and Louis XVI’s wife, Marie Antoine, convinced that they must be square; measuring 16” by 16” and this is how the pocket square came to be.

In the 1920’s, the pocket square evolved into a more fashionable piece of cloth in your left pocket.  The cloth evolved into different styles and colors of fabrics with all sorts of different patterns to express style.  The pocket square evolved into a piece of style that added to the contrast of an outfit.  The image of Don Draper from the Madmen really show us how a pocket square can completely change the way you look.  In the recent 2000’s, the pocket square has made a come back with the dapper crowd leading the way in building the path to perfect style with a beautiful pocket square.

How to Wear Pocket Squares in Style

Back to the original question, when to wear a pocket square, the pocket square is a symbol of pure confidence, a man who has the courage to sport a pocket square shows a true level of self confidence in the way he dresses. The best time to be wearing a pocket square is when you’re wearing a suit jacket; the pocket square is to be placed in your left pocket. The pocket square fits in for any type of social event, the dress down look, high top shoes, a suit jacket, pocket square suits, this look is great for summer weekend outings.

If the event is formal, the tie or bow tie and matching pocket square looks stylish. The pocket square can be matched in color but you can explore something more explosive in color, take a look at the pocket squares at Mule Ties. These pocket squares are diverse in colour, which allows you can then be flexible in your colour of necktie or bow tie.


Pocket Square Transformers

There are numerous ways to stuff you pocket with the pocket square for instance there are numerous folds:

  • The Straight Fold
  • The One Fold Corner
  • The Two Peak Fold
  • The Puff Fold

Your pocket square can add a significant impact to your wardrobe as the contrast between colors can help to make fabrics stand out and express the contour of your fitted suit jacket. Also when Interchanging multiple pocket squares of different colors, it can feel like you’re wearing a new outfit each day meanwhile the only change is your pocket square. Tell me about a good way to save on shopping for new outfits! The perks if you have a closet full of diverse pocket squares.

The best time to be rocking a pocket square is when you step up to the plate and gather some self-confidence and a suite jacket. Smarten up, keep up with the times and with this simple piece of cloth in your pocket you can look fashionable without a doubt. On that note if you’re looking to style up your wardrobe check out the selection of bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, watches and much more at Mule Ties.

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